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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are the linchpin for any Business wanting to protect their business assets and cashflow. Without Terms and Conditions your options can be very minimal..
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Privacy Policy

For most businesses having an up-to-date Privacy Policy is actually a legal requirement and can protect your business from 10’s of $1000’s in fines. If you have an employee, you are legally required to have an up-to-date Privacy Policy. Don’t leave it too late!
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HR Packages

With the constant threat to businesses posed by employees claiming unfair dismissal or similar, a templated Recruitment and Management System provides your business with the piece of mind in knowing that it is been guided through the entire employment process, without the costly expense of having a full time HR Manager.
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Business Owner / Director Line Of Credit Agreements

Very few business owners understand that paying for company expenses on their personal credit cards puts then directly in the firing line if their business was to ever get into financial difficulty. Essentially a business owner as an unsecured creditor would be required to repay the last 6 months of payments.
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Div 7A Loan Agreements

With the ATO putting Div 7A Loan Agreements under the microscope there has never been a better time to formularise your agreement. With access to our back-office dashboard, automated interest calculators and 1 click back office reports we guaranteed to save you and your accountant hours of time and of course $$$$. For a hassle free Div 7A Agreement
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Debt Collection

Collecting your outstanding accounts doesn’t have to be an arduous or difficult Job. Most Businesses have forgotten that getting paid on time hasn’t always been this difficult.
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Subcontract Agreements

With over $170 000 000 000 in unpaid taxable income last year the ATO is now reviewing relationships between Head Contractors and their Subcontractors. A Formal Subcontract Agreement is the best way to avoid the potential tax liabilities associated with your subcontractors’ unpaid taxes
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Employment Agreements

Having a Templated Employment Agreement designed specifically for your business is the first step in providing your business the required protect against a disgruntled employee. Outlining their Duties, Responsibilities, Hours and Performance Requirements can save you endless headaches when it comes to the end of their time with your business.
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Director and Investor Loan Agreements

An Investor / Director Loan Agreement combined with a PPSA Registration, making the Investor a secured creditor, is the only way to protect the relationship from disputes or defaults. When combined with a Loan Dashboard allowing the investor to nominate interest rates, balloon payments, repayment periods and arrange automatic direct debits ensures a hassle-free investment.
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Person to Person Loan Agreements

Negate the normal nightmare of loaning friends and family money and of course the ruined relationships by formalising your personal loan agreement. When combined with our back-office dashboard that allows complete control over the loan, including automated direct debiting of payments. Your relationships have never been safer.
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PPSR Registrations

PPSA Registrations are the actual tool that businesses use to become a secured creditor with the same protection as the banks. And believe it or not it only costs $6 for 7 years.
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Independent Contractor Agreements

Similar to Subcontractors, with over $170 000 000 000 in unpaid taxable income last year the ATO is now reviewing relationships between Head Contractors and their Independent Contractors. A Formal Independent Contractor Agreement is the best way to avoid the potential tax liabilities associated with your Independent Contactors unpaid taxes.
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Chattel Leases

Most businesses operating a trust to protect their assets don’t realise that since the introduction of the PPSA Legislation their trust assets and now vulnerable. In the case of financial difficulties or liquidation your trust assets can be seized by a liquidator.
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Vendor Finance Loan Agreements

Increase your cashflow or liquidate old stock using a Vendor Finance Agreement. Increase sales to your existing clients by using your stock or equipment as collateral against your clients ongoing purchase of your equipment. By registering your loan agreement on the PPSR you ensure you maintain ownership of your equipment whilst the loan proceeds.
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