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We have 37 years of experience, in this industry

Collection Consultancy Australia was born out of the need for a more customer focused approach when it comes to handling the needs of Small to Medium sized businesses in Australia.

 We wanted to make sure that our clients feel as if they are part of the family rather than just another number. Instead of simply picking through a business’s outstanding accounts to find the easily collectable, we wanted to make sure that when our clients are aware of how to best protect their cashflow and by extension their business.

 If you are after a long-term partner whose focus is on you and your business rather than what produces the best results for is them. Look No Further     

What We Do

We like to use our knowledge
to help business thrive

Having dealt with 1000’s of business over the last 37 years we understand what Small to Medium businesses need and how to protect their business in the long term.

The main issue for most businesses is that they haven’t been able to stay up to date with legislation changes which can mean that their options can be somewhat limited when it comes to chasing their outstanding accounts.

Collection Consultancy Australia provide services that guarantee our clients stay up to date with the latest legislation and can even ensure that our clients become secured creditors when they extend credit to their clients, giving them the same protection as the major banks.

Gregory Trappett


With over 35 years’ experience Collection Consultancy Australia prides itself in offering Products and Services designed to Protect Business Assets and Cashflow. Quite often the process can start from simply making business owners aware that there is option available, through to business specific solutions and education. We are here to let business owners know that there can be a better way to secure their financial future.

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PO Box 7160,
East Brisbane QLD 4169.

Phone: 1300 565 988.

Email: info@collectionconsultancy.com.au

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