Chattel Lease - FAQ's

What is a Chattel Lease?

A Chattel Lease is simply a lease agreement between a Trust or Holding Company with an asset register or list of chattels attached to the lease.

How is a Chattel Lease used?

Since the introduction of the PPSA Legislation, title over goods or equipment no longer exists without being registered on the PPSR. A Chattel Lease simply allows for the Trust or Holding entity to register its assets on the PPSR thereby maintaining ownership.

How does a Chattel Lease Protect my Trust / Business Assets?

By including the appropriate legislation into a Chattel Lease Agreement, a trust or holding company can register a security interest on the PPSR when it leases its assets to a trading entity thereby maintaining ownership of that equipment.

Why should I use a Chattel Lease?

A Chattel Lease is designed to protect a trust or holding company’s assets by cementing ownership over the trust or holding company’s assets when the Chattel Lease is registered on the PPSR.

How does a Chattel Lease work?

A Chattel Lease is designed to protect a business’s trust assets and is a lease agreement between a business trust or holding company, and it's trading entity. The Chattel Lease Agreement needs to include the appropriate PPSA legislation allowing for a PPSA Registration.

What happens if I don’t use a Chattel Lease Agreement?

Without a Chattel Lease Agreement, it is highly likely that any liquidation of a trading entity will include the trust assets being used by that trading entity.

How does a Chattel Lease relate to my existing Trust / Holding company?

A Chattel Lease Agreement formalises the existing relationship between your Trust or Holding entity and the trading entity.

What should I include in my Chattel Lease?

You should include your holding companies or trusts list of assets being used by your trading entity including any vehicles and/or equipment.

Where do I register my Chattel Lease?

A Chattel Lease needs to be registered on the PPSR to be valid.

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